Coffee is definitely not just for the winter! Here at Little’s we’re becoming quite obsessed with our homemade iced coffees which luckily is just in time for the summer. We have an iced coffee recipe that is not only super simple, obviously tastes delicious but also can make a big batch for yourself or your office pals.

Now you’ve probably had a stab at making your coffee a cold one at home. But how about a flavoured iced coffee…? Yeah, you’ve probably tried one at Starbucks but have you seen how much sugar goes into those things?! Let us give you the lowdown on why Little’s flavoured iced coffees are really great… Or, you can scroll down to the bottom to find the recipe!

Good for your body

Let’s start with the most important thing: your body, your temple (!). Our flavoured coffee has absolutely zero added sugar. Compared to some high street coffee shops that have been found to have up to TWENTY FIVE teaspoons of sugar, we give you the choice of how sweet you want your iced coffee to be. It’s also just 4 calories per cup (before milk), which is next to nothing.

Good for your taste buds

Our coffee never uses synthetic or artificial flavours. We infuse 100% smooth Arabica coffee with natural flavours from ingredients we love. Not only does this mean you’re not filling your body with rubbish, but it also means it tastes a hell of a lot better. None of that over sweet, overpowering, sickly taste.

Good for your wallet

An iced coffee in a high street coffee shop costs on average, around £3. If you’re having, say, 5 a week that’s £15 just on iced coffee! We think that’s quite a lot for a drink that is mostly just ice. Many of you aren’t happy about that either, one woman actually sued Starbucks about their coffee to ice ratio. One of our jars of coffee costs £3 or less and one jar makes 20-25 iced coffees! Do the maths guys…

Good for your social life

If you make a Little’s flavoured iced coffee for your friend… or boyfriend… or mum… or brother, we think it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll love you forever.

So hopefully we’ve talked you into why our flavoured coffee makes out-of-this-world iced coffee. Now here’s how to make it.


Here is a super simple flavoured iced coffee recipe to make an honest, healthy, great-tasting and cheap iced coffee at home. 


Makes a blender full

  • 8 tsp of Little’s Coffee (Island Coconut & French Vanilla work a dream)
  • 1 litre milk (we used oat milk)
  • 15 ice cubes
  • 4 glugs agave syrup


  1. Dissolve coffee granules in a separate cup to make a nice thick mixture
  2. Add ice cubes, coffee mixture, milk & agave syrup into the blender
  3. Mix until smooth and enjoy!

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