Toffee Nut Instant Coffee

Little's Coffee Toffee Nut Instant Coffee Recipe

You may think making a cup of instant coffee is as simple as pouring boiling water over a teaspoon of instant coffee. And you’re not wrong. but we do have some tips for you to optimise your daily brew.



  1. Boil the kettle with freshly drawn water (boil a little more than you need)
  2. Pre-heat your mug with the extra hot water from the kettle. When the cup feels warm, discard the water
  3. Add 2g of toffee nut instant coffee to the mug (approx.
  4. 1 heaped teaspoon)
  5. Once the kettle has boiled, leave it for one minute before pouring 200ml of water over the coffee granules
  6. Stir until the granules dissolve
  7. Add milk and sugar to taste
  8. Serve and enjoy!

Let us know if this method works wonders for your next cup of Joe! @wearelittles on Instagram.