KitKat Mocha

KitKat Mocha

Coffee shop spring menus are here and so are we, showing you how to hack them at home. Give this one a go for a delicious chocolatey treat!


  • Little's French Vanilla & Double Chocolate Coffee Capsules
  • Milk of your choice
  • Hot chocolate powder
  • KitKat


  1. Break up a kitkat into a blender cup and heat up some milk
  2. Add your hot milk to the blender cup and blend
  3. Put a couple of spoons of hot chocolate powder into a glass
  4. Pour 1x shot of french vanilla coffee and 1x shot of double chocolate coffee into the same glass
  5. Mix together 
  6. Strain over your KitKat milk
  7. Top with whipped cream and chopped kitkat pieces. Enjoy!

 Watch the video 'ere.