How to easily make Iced Coffee at home

How to easily make Iced Coffee at home

Our flavoured instant and flavoured coffee capsules make killer iced coffees that beat the coffee shop hands down.

Of course, there are loads of different ways to make iced coffee. We think these are the easiest, with the least amount of faff and ingredients, for the most taste.

Here's how to easily make epic Iced Coffee at home:

Using Instant Coffee

  • Add a spoon of your Little's instant coffee of choice to a glass (and sugar, if you want)
  • Cover with a dash of water (it doesn't have to be boiling hot, warm water is fine)
  • Mix well
  • Add ice and top with either more water or your milk of choice, Enjoy!

Using Coffee Capsules

  • Brew your Little's capsule of choice into your glass (add sugar here, if you want).
  • Once your coffee has brewed, top with ice and either water or your milk of choice. Enjoy!

Watch our 'how to' video for both methods here.