5 batch coffee recipes for drinking outdoors

5 batch coffee recipes for drinking outdoors

I think it’s fair to say it’s been a total rollercoaster of a year, hasn’t it? Well, lockdown seems to be finally easing up – with outdoor meet-ups in small groups a-go and the weather trying to warm up – so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite chilled coffee recipes that can be quickly and easily whipped up in batch at home and taken out about for sharing with friends. All you’ll need is a Thermos or a clever bottle to keep your drinks cool and some reusable cups or glasses. Enjoy!

1. Little’s amazing iced coffee

A classic but a goodie. Grab a blender (or a Nutri-bullet) and your favourite jar of Little’s for deliciously thick iced coffees you can easily share out. The added sweetness from agave syrup is just enough and means you don’t have to add any refined sugar. Win!

Little’s amazing iced coffee recipe

2. Easy chocolate caramel cold brew

This recipe calls for our flavoured ground coffee and it’s just so ridiculously quick and easy to make in batch. It’s also blinking delicious and very drinkable. Make this the day before your picnic or garden party so it has enough time to brew in the fridge before you decant it.

Easy chocolate caramel cold brew recipe

Caramel Cold Brew Coffee

3. Coffee soda

A little while ago we made three coffee mocktails that are genuinely SO good and we think our coffee soda (or our Coffee & Tonic tbh) would be perfect for al fresco drinking in batches. Simply make a large quantity of the vanilla coffee syrup ahead of time and combine with chilled soda and a wedge of lemon on the day.

3 coffee mocktail recipes that’ll blow your mind

Coffee Soda

4. Chocolate orange espresso martinis

OK, so this one is traditionally a festive recipe but why not break the rules a little?! Don’t get me wrong, this one requires a little bit of work but it’s so worth it for a little boozy treat with friends. Our advice, double up the recipe so you make enough for two in one go and decant into a Thermos that you can shake up again before serving to maintain the frothiness. You can take or leave the chocolate, or mix up the flavour of coffee – amaretto would be great, as would chocolate caramel!

Chocolate orange espresso martini recipe


5. Piña colada coffee

This little gem was created to celebrate Piña Colada Day – it’s a thing! – and it’s such a fresh and delicious drink for a hot day. A combo of our Havana rum coffee with coconut milk and pineapple juice, this one is so easy to make in a large batch for all to share! A little glass of Summer right here.

Piña colada coffee recipe