Honey Hazelnut Oat Latte

Honey Hazelnut Oat Latte

Starbucks hack alert!

Make this new Starbies drink at home for way less ££s using our hazelnut flavour infused coffee.



  • Honey
  • Oat milk
  • Little's Hazelnut flavour infused coffee (pods or instant is fine)

To serve

  • More honey


  1. Add a spoon (or a squeeze) of honey to your mug of choice
  2. Make your coffee – either a shot of Hazelnut infused espresso or a heaped teaspoon of our Hazelnut infused instant coffee mixed with water
  3. Add the coffee to your mug & mix it up
  4. Heat up your oat milk – in a milk frother ideally, but the microwave is fine too
  5. Pour your warm milk into the mug & stir
  6. Top with more honey

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