Office coffee just got an upgrade

Little's Coffee 500g tins of office coffee

We recently asked you to tell us what you think of the coffee you drink at work. And a whopping 50% of you think the instant coffee in your staff kitchen is poor or just OK. 50%! 61% of you are crying out for better quality instant coffee at work, and some of you want flavour too. Because you’re rockstars.  




We think you deserve better than just OK when it comes to coffee. That’s why we’ve introduced our bulk buy tins of instant coffee for your office, workplace, or wherever you like to guzzle your coffee in large volumes. Why is this good news? Because Little’s Coffee is no ordinary instant coffee. We’ve raised the game to end instant shame – with our jars, and now with our large format tins, which will get you 275 cups of good stuff.

Our premium instant coffees get you as close to a cup of fresh brew coffee as possible, without the faff and without the snobbery. We use single-origin Arabica beans from countries like Colombia and Brazil, that are expertly roasted and freeze-dried to lock in the flavour.

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Single-origin Smooth Colombian instant coffee

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Deliciously smooth and balanced coffee to drink all day? Look no further. Grown at a high altitude, this Excelso-grade coffee brings a nutty, malty and chocolatey character to your cup. Great with milk. It’s a great all-rounder for the office!

Smooth Colombian 500g tin instant coffee

Single-origin Brazilian Decaf instant coffee

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Great tasting coffee, without the caffeine? You dreamer! We’ve cracked it with a decaf that has all the taste and virtually zero caffeine. Medium roasted for a rounded, smooth and balanced flavour. Because we know not everyone in the office is as hooked on caffeine as us.

Brazilian Decaf 500g tin instant coffee

Organic House Blend instant coffee

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A blend of organically grown Robusta and Arabica beans. Robusta has a bad rep, but hear us out. This stuff tastes great and is more sustainable, too. So, leave your snob at the door and enjoy this smooth, light and uplifting coffee. Perfect for adding some variety to the staff kitchen.

Organic House Blend 500g tin instant coffee

French Vanilla instant coffee

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Enjoy your coffee shop vanilla latte but hate spending your hard-earned money on them? Here’s a delicious, sugar-free option that you can make without having to step away from the office. A smooth and rich coffee, gently infused with the taste of French Vanilla. It’s a real crowd pleaser!

French Vanilla 500g tin instant coffee