Our top 5 coffee & chocolate recipes

Our top 5 coffee & chocolate recipes

We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 coffee and chocolate recipes that you have to try – perfect for baking over the long weekend with Little’s coffee.

1. Chocolate orange coffee easter nests

These little Easter nests are a real treat. We’ve given the classic recipe a Little’s twist with our Chocolate Orange coffee – it adds an extra something to an Easter favourite.

Chocolate orange coffee easter nest recipe

Little's chocolate brownies recipe

2. Ultimate chocolate brownies

Gooey and fudgy with crunch in all the right places, these brownies have a subtle hint of Little’s coffee that adds richness to every bite without putting off those who don’t like coffee (why are they even our friends?). We upped the ante by adding chunks of white chocolate to the mixture, too.

Ultimate chocolate brownie recipe

Little's coffee kisses

3. Little’s coffee kisses

The perfect recipe for a little sweet treat to accompany a cup of coffee. Delicious bites of chocolate and coffee sandwiched with jam and buttercream. Sounds yummy and so easy to make, you can whip these up in no time.

Little’s coffee kisses recipe

Coffee and chocolate milkshake

4. Coffee and chocolate milkshake

We hooked up with the brilliant Oppo Ice Cream to bring you an extravagant milkshake recipe. We love working with Oppo because not only do they create the most delicious ice cream, they are also super low in calories, sugar and fat which just makes them even tastier! This recipe is really easy to make and we’ve chosen to make it even more chocolatey with our Swiss Choc Flavour Infused Instant Coffee but you can use whichever flavour takes your fancy.

Coffee and chocolate milkshake recipe

5. Little’s Swiss Choc energy balls

Over indulged but looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth? This recipe uses our Swiss Choc Instant Coffee to curb cravings and give you a boost of energy pre-workout or mid afternoon when those eyelids are starting to droop. This recipe is super simple and quick to make for a little pick me up!

Little’s Swiss Choc energy ball recipe

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