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4 health benefits of coconut

4 health benefits of coconut

We can’t help but notice that the world has gone crazy for coconuts in recent years. Whether it’s using coconut oil for cooking, teeth-whitening, hair masks or moisturiser, grabbing a can of coconut water when you’re on the go, or even using coconut sugar in your baking instead of refined sugar – this ever-growing trend is EVERYWHERE and we're loving it. Coconuts are just one of those things that automatically takes your senses on a tropical holiday just from one little whiff of the stuff.


Apart from smelling and tasting delicious, coconuts have so many nutritional health benefits too:

Weight loss

Did you know that coconut oil is super high in healthy fats? These healthy fats help to boost and increase the fat burning process.

Physical performance

Coconut water is fab when it comes to doing light workouts – just one cup of it gives you more than 10% of the potassium you need daily, it’s super hydrating and tasty, too! Coconuts can give you a natural quick boost of energy for your brain and body to get you ready for the day ahead, or the next gym session. It’s even known to enhance your athletic and physical performance making it perfect as a pre-workout.

Vitamins & minerals

Did you know that the coconut flesh is jam-packed with loads of nutrients and rich in fibre? It even contains vitamin C and E, iron, calcium and magnesium, so it’s a great way of getting the essential vitamins and minerals into your daily diet. It’s also really good at restoring oxidative tissue damage.

Immune support

If all this isn’t enough of a reason to start adding coconut to your meal plans, then how about the fact it supports your immune system? It’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral and it helps protect the body from kidney and bladder infection. Crazy, huh?!


We know you might be thinking that coconuts and coffee might be an odd combination, but we can promise you it’s a match made in tropical heaven. Our Island coconut flavoured coffee will have you daydreaming at your desk about the sunny skies and swaying palms of the tropics. This little guy works wonders in a frothy coffee and in a cool iced coffee. Why not check out our awesome iced coffee recipe, it’s super simple to make and perfect for those spontaneous sunny days we’ve been having recently. It’s vegan and refined sugar free, so you don’t have to worry about any nasties in there.

But if you’re in the mood for something to curb those mid-afternoon chocolate bar cravings, then these little Coconut Coffee & Cashew Energy Balls by our lovely brand ambassador, Jade Joselyn, will be right up your street! Easy to whip up in the food processor, these tasty balls are vegan and paleo friendly, gluten free and refined sugar free. The hardest part of this recipe is patiently waiting for them to set in the freezer for an hour or so!