100% recyclable flavoured Nespresso®-compatible pods

100% recyclable flavoured Nespresso®-compatible pods

Say HELLO to the only flavoured Nespresso®-compatible pods you need in your life! Unleash your inner barista and have your favourite flavoured coffee at home, without the fuss, the expense or the calories.


We know this might sound silly but it’s really important to us that you get the most delicious coffee possible out of your Little’s coffee pods. That’s why we’ve put together a few short tips on how to pod properly.

1. Always use fresh – ideally filtered – water.

2. Run a shot through your coffee machine without a pod first to heat up and clean the brew head. Then insert your flavour of choice – chocolate caramel, vanilla or hazelnut.

3. Press the espresso or short button (never lungo). You’re aiming to brew around 35ml of coffee per pod.

4. Our coffees are delicious black but if you fancied a larger cup, we recommend adding more hot water or warm, frothy milk. Yum!



As the Little’s capsules are fully Nespresso® compatible, it means they work with ease in millions of household coffee machines. The pods – unlike a lot of brands – are made from 100% aluminium, which means they are infinitely recyclable. Aluminium is the most abundant metal on earth and 75% of all aluminium produced is still in use today. Check out our facts about aluminium over here

We’re pretty conscious about doing our bit for the environment and, after making our jars plastic-free in 2019, the material we used for the pods had to be recyclable. So, once you’ve finished enjoying your coffee, the grounds can either be emptied into your compost or food waste bin and the capsules can be dropped into your household recycling with absolutely no contribution to landfill or you can pick up a Podback bag when you buy your pods. Yay!