Mix & Match Premium Instant 100g

Mix & Match Premium Instant 100g
Premium Instant Coffee Box - 6 x 100g Jars

Mix and match six 100g Premium Instant Coffees ✨

Great for the office, the uni house, the kitchen cupboard or for the workplace. Convenient just got tasty! In 100% plastic free, recyclable packaging, you can have a delicious cup of coffee and do your bit for the planet at the same time.


Choose 6 jars below

Smooth Colombian – large

Deliciously smooth and balanced coffee to drink all day? Look no further. Grown at a high altitude, this Excelso-grade coffee brings a nutty, malty and chocolatey character to your cup. Great with milk.


100% freeze-dried Arabica coffee


Bold Italian – large

An homage to Italian coffee tradition. Roasted a little darker for a full-bodied, bold and intense coffee with caramel notes and no bitterness. Perfect for those who like their coffee a little stronger. Contains 50 servings. 


Freeze-dried Arabica Coffee

Brazilian Decaf – large

Great tasting coffee, without the caffeine? You dreamer! We’ve cracked it with a decaf that has all the taste and virtually zero caffeine. Medium roasted for a rounded, smooth and balanced flavour. Contains around 50 servings. 


Freeze-dried Arabica coffee
Lively Ethiopian - large

Take your tastebuds on an adventure. This coffee originates from Western Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee. Bursting with interesting character, expect candied citrus, red fruit notes and a fantastic sweetness. Contains 50 servings.


Freeze-dried Arabica coffee
Organic House Blend – large

A blend of organically grown Robusta and Arabica beans. Robusta has a bad rep, but hear us out. This stuff tastes great and is more sustainable, too. So, leave your snob at the door and enjoy this smooth, light and uplifting coffee.  Contains 50 servings.


Freeze-dried Arabica & Robusta Coffee


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No added sugar

4 cals per cup

100% arabica coffee

Vegan friendly

100% recyclable

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