The best coffee accessories for drinking outdoors

The best coffee accessories for drinking outdoors

Ah, the sweet taste of freedom! As lockdown restrictions are easing and the sunshine is starting to appear, we’re all about day trips, big walks, picnics with pals and general outdoor festivities.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite coffee accessories to make drinking a cup of Little’s outside easy, stylish and delicious. Think of all the money (and single-use plastic) you can save by making your coffee at home instead of buying a latte from a coffee shop. That’s without even mentioning the calories and sugar you’ll save by refraining from coffee shop flavoured syrups! Winning all around if you ask us.

The best hot coffee accessories

1. Ceramic reusable cups from Frank Green

We love, love, love these cups from Frank Green. Available in a selection of sizes and really cute colours (that you can mix and match and complement our packaging quite nicely), these cups look great and ace keeping your coffee at the right temperature for long periods of time. They’re super sturdy – made from stainless steel and insulated with a ceramic lining – and won’t spill or leak, which is the main thing we look for in a reusable cup. Because there’s nothing worse than coffee spilling all over your hand as you drink! You can also swap in a lid with a straw, which is great for summer iced coffee!

2. Leather bike cup holder

For all of you cyclists out there, this handy leather cup holder clips on to your handlebars so you don’t have to sacrifice your cup of coffee (or a hand) while riding. We can picture you now – cruising along with with a bunch of flowers in your basket, a cup of coffee and the wind in your hair…

3. Utensil set from W&P

We think most things from W&P are pretty cool, but we particularly like this handy set of utensils for when your coffee needs a little stir on the go. With a silicone case that comes in cute pastel colours, a spoon, knife and fork, this is great for coffee breaks and lunches al fresco.

The best chilled coffee accessories

1. Cold brew coffee filter bottle

OK, so this one is a bit of an indulgence but we’re quite into the idea of it. This Hario cold brew coffee filter in a bottle lets you easily infuse coffee to make cold brew in a pretty mess-free, convenient way. It’s doesn’t take up too much room in the fridge and has a lid which means you can chuck in some ice and take it on the go with you! Have you checked out our Chocolate caramel cold brew yet? It’s a dream and our first port of call when we get our mitts on this bottle.

2. Granite whisky chillers

Yes, yes, we know these are called whisky chillers but there’s nothing to say these can’t be used for iced coffee, too, rule breakers. Made from granite and soapstone, these little gems are perfect for keeping your drink cool without diluting it with loads of water. There’s nothing worse than taking a big sip of iced coffee and finding out it’s totally watered down! Just pop these in the freezer for four hours before use and bingo!

3. W&P water bottle ice tray

If you prefer to stick to classic chilling methods, that’s cool. So, how about this W&P ice tray that makes ice rods that you fit into your reusable bottle. Genius. We can say no more. Except, infuse them with coffee before you freeze them so your iced coffee doesn’t get watered down!

4. Glass straws

We love glass straws, particularly when they come in an array of colours so your garden party or picnic will look like a pastel dream. Sucka Straws do reusable straws really well and help you avoid single use when you’re out and about.

5. W&P terrazzo water bottle

Sorry to keep banging on about W&P but have you SEEN this water bottle? A glass bottle with terrazzo silicone detail in the most beautiful colours. Your iced coffee is going to be very Instagrammable. Especially with some of those ice rods!

The best all-rounder

Thermos super light flask

Practical alert, but you can’t beat a classic can you? Thermos have a range of these super light flasks in some pretty nice colours (including rose gold, hello) and they’re just really handy. They keep hot stuff hot for 10 hours and cold stuff cold for 24 and you can drink directly from the flask. ILY Thermos.

Let us know your favourite coffee accessories and check out our blog for 5 batch coffee recipes for drinking outdoors, over here!