Did you know you can buy Little’s coffee in Sainsbury’s? Woohoo!

Our silky, smooth Chocolate Caramel and light French Vanilla coffees are available to buy in selected Sainsbury's stores nationwide. Sainsbury’s is the second largest supermarket in the UK, so naturally, we’re pretty stoked about this!


Well, the Sainsbury’s slogan, Live Well For Less, kinda says it all. Sainsbury’s prides itself on putting health, convenience, quality and value at the heart of its business. Now, that’s exactly the same as us here at Little’s Coffee. We’re all about giving you a healthy, convenient and high-quality product, which can help you save money on the way. Here’s how we do that:


With our healthy coffees – only four calories a cup – you can curb your sweet cravings and satisfy that post-dinner sweet tooth, without the hefty calories. Thanks to our delicious flavours, lots of people drink our coffee black, meaning you can cut the calories in the milk. Plus, we don’t add any sugar, and we never, ever, ever, use artificial flavours.

The entire Little’s family know that time is of the essence. Many of us barely have time to boil the kettle, let alone make the coffee. That’s why we created our range of flavoured instant coffees: to offer you a top quality cup of joe, that’s quick, simple and easy to make. Giving you more time for the important things in life.

We are originally roasters by trade, so it’s fair to say, we know the coffee game. We know what makes a good-quality coffee, and we also know how coffee should be sourced, roasted and brewed to pull out its intrinsic qualities. So, when we first made instant coffee, we carried all our knowledge through to bring you a great quality, high grade, Arabica coffee, that’s just a hell of a lot easier and quicker to make!


We’re thrifty. We’re nifty. And we’re here to help you stand up to the coffee giants and say ‘No! We will not consume your poor-quality and expensive coffee!’ (If you can even call it that)!

If you go to the coffee shop every working day, and you’re spending minimum £3 on a coffee, that’s £15 a week! Now we don’t know about you, but we think that’s extortionate. Now that our coffee is in a supermarket near you, you don’t have to go to a coffee shop and spend hundreds of pounds a year to have great coffee. (You’ll thank us later.)

Have you seen Little’s Coffee in your local Sainsbury’s? Be sure to take a shelfie selfie and tag us @wearelittles!