Iced coffee: the Love Island love language

Iced coffee: the Love Island love language

I think we can all agree that the star of last season's Love Island on ITV was the iced coffee. 

The boys rushing to deliver morning iced coffees to the girls during their chat on the terrace became the number one symbol of love during the summer. Got something to apologise for or want to let her know you’re into her? Better whip up that iced coffee pronto, boys. The best bit of all is that the girls rarely liked the coffee. And, tbh, who can blame them?

Well, we’re here with an iced coffee recipe that’s super easy to make and sweet enough thanks to our flavoured coffee, without any nasties. We’ve swapped out the boys’ usual honey for some agave syrup.

Any Love Island 2022 boys reading this, you’ll be turning heads left, right and centre.



Makes enough for 2-3

  • 8 tsp Little’s French vanilla flavoured instant coffee

  • 1 litre milk (we used oat milk but dairy works well, too)

  • A handful of ice cubes (preferably heart shaped)

  • 4 glugs agave syrup


  1. Dissolve your coffee granules in a dash of boiling water so you get a nice thick coffee mixture and stir in your agave syrup

  2. Fill up your favourite glass with ice cubes and plenty of milk before pouring your coffee and agave mixture over the top to form a nice pattern as it sinks through the ice

  3. Stir it up before drinking and enjoy. Preferably on a sun-soaked terrace in Spain.

Top tip: if you’ve got a blender, we recommend blitzing everything up so it’s more like an iced latte – delicious!